Grub is the specialist video production arm of Food and Drink North East. We help food, drink and hospitality brands tell their stories to their audiences in a creative and compelling way. Our team can work with you to plan and produce powerful video content that will raise awareness, build engagement and drive sales.


In today’s multi-screen world video is the most impactful content there is. We specialise in creating well-planned, high-quality video that will connect with your target audiences on a truly emotional level.




Commissioned ed by FADNE and NGI ‘Proudly Independent with a Flavour of Our Own’, is a one minute 30 seconds long film that tells the story of two couples, one older and one younger, exploring the city’s unique hospitality as they make their way toward meeting up on Newcastle Quayside. With music by legendary local musician Kathryn Tickell the film features Fenwick Food Hall, Jesmond Food Market, Wylam Brewery and Dobson and Parnell (to name but a few), the campaign aims to attract more visitors and local people into the city to experience the quality of its food and drink.

Coming Home

A campaign of five films designed to promote and reignite the food, drink, hospitality and tourism sectors in the North East of England. The backing track is a new interpretation of ‘Meet Me On The Corner’ by local music legends Lindisfarne, recorded by Elisabeth Liddle, a locally-based music student. 

Behind the scenes of Coming Home. Songwriter Rod Clements of Lindisfarne talks about the origins of ‘Meet Me On The Corner’ and attends the recording of a video for Elizabeth Liddle’s version, produced by Grub Productions. 

Rod meets Elizabeth

‘Meet Me On The Corner’ by Elizabeth Liddle


Grub were commissioned to produce three films for the Stand Up For British Standards campaign organised by Conservation charity WWF-UK. Featuring local food and drink producers across the UK the campaign calls upon MPs, food producers, businesses and shoppers to ensure high standards are maintained in the on-going trade talks. 


Screaming Chimp

Nial McKay Mount tells the story behind Screaming Chimp, his multi-award-winning chilli sauce.



Local business owners and community workers explain how they are managing in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

Anthony and Lucy Carroll of Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes talk about their hopes for the future after the COID-19 crisis.

Stephen Craggs of Craggs &Co. on how demand for their products is increasing despite the COVID-19 crisis.

Jackie Maxwell of Doddington Dairy trying to find ways to make things work during COID-19 crisis.

Elise Lane of Laneberg Wine discusses looking beyond COVID-19 crisis.

Jon Chadwick of Durham Distillery on supporting the local community during the COVID-19 crisis.

 Nick Mason of ZMOVE on how the COVID-19 crisis could mean the start of a new way of doing things.

Tony Mclean of Collingwood Seafood on why you should support local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dairyman Paul Young delivers more than milk to local people during the COVID-19 crisis.

Reverend Alan Dickinson chair of the BAY Food Bank explains how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted those most in need.

Danny McColl founder of McColl’s Brewery on how his business has had to change because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Jamie Sadler of Harissa and Food Nation on how using food as a vehicle to better peoples’ lives.

Alex Nietosvouri founder and head chef at Hjem on how he adapted his business to serve the local community.

Alison and Jonathan Raper of Teesdale Cheesemakers on how they saved their business during the COVID-19 crisis.

Nationally-renowed North East grower Ken Holland explains how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting his business and how he is responding.


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